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>>> How to Umpire Field Hockey

Below are links to helpful video clips (QuickTime required), photographs and illustrations created by Cristopher Maloney, umpire trainer and author of How To Umpire Field Hockey. The content was created for exclusive use on (check back frequently as others clips are under development). Though not a replacement for an instructor lead course, these mini-lessons cover important aspects of officiating field hockey, provide a good starting point for new umpires and a solid review for umpires with years of experience. Many of the clips are large and a high speed connection is recommended.

Additional, important videos are located in's Helpful Videos section. We're constantly adding videos. At the moment there are nearly 20 helpful videos in the collection.

If you're learning how to umpire, please consider purchasing the latest edition of our publisher's book, How to Umpire Field Hockey. It is typically updated each June.

  • Dividing the Field
  • On-Field or Off-Field Positioning

    Don't buy a lanyard. Always have two whistles -- in case one breaks or
    you need one with a different sound -- connect your whistles together
    and use one as a handle when blowing the other.

  • Holding the Whistle - I (photo)
  • Holding the Whistle - II
  • Holding the Whistle - III

  • How to Carry Your Cards
  • Remembering Related Penalties
  • Card to Reduce Carding (don't hesitate)

    EXAMPLES: Saying The Wrong Thing | Replacing The Whistle

    PRIMARY SIGNALS (NFHS modifications, when necessary, follow)

    Introduction (Large file with audio)
    Positioning (Large file with audio)
    Direction / Free Hit Left | Right ( Be Strong -- Be Seen )
    16-Yard / 14.63-Meters
    Corner (called "Long Hit" by NFHS) Left | Right [ CRITIQUE ]
    Add 10 (never apply the Add 10 penalty, it is completely ineffective)
    Penalty Corner [ CRITIQUE ]
    Penalty Stroke ( NFHS )


    SECONDARY SIGNALS (NFHS modifications, when necessary, follow)

    Introduction (Large file with audio)
    Advancing (illegal use of body)
    Back of Stick
    Third-Party Obstruction [ CRITIQUE ]
    Stick Obstruction (called "Stick Interference" by NFHS) [ CRITIQUE ]
    Dangerous Play (raised ball, contact, athlete down) [ CRITIQUE ]
    Raised Ball (free hits, side ins, first shot on penalty corners) [ CRITIQUE ]

    POSITIONING: Field Play
    POSITIONING: Circle Play
    POSITIONING: Free Hits and Side Ins
    POSITIONING: Penalty Corners (near side restart)
    POSITIONING: Penalty Corners (far side restart)
    POSITIONING: Penalty Stroke (lead)
    POSITIONING: Penalty Stroke (trail)

    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Obstruction (classic, during field play)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Obstruction (during the spin move)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Obstruction (during a free hit/side in)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Obstruction (by the GK)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Third-Party Obstruction (field play)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Third-Party Obstruction (attacker on GK)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Stick Interference (intro)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Stick Interference (breakdown foul)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: When it's NOT Stick Interference
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Danger (raised ball on shot)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Danger (on raised ball)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Danger ('stick whip' on dodge)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Danger (collisions)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Danger (trips)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Danger ('picking' the flier)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Illegal lifts (free hit)
    SEEING VIOLATIONS: Shielding the GK on Penalty Corners

    MANUFACTURED FOULS: Obstruction (during fake Y-dodge)
    MANUFACTURED FOULS: Advancing (against the foot or shin)

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  • Click-n-Learn

    Signaling Penalty Stroke

    Signaling Stick Obstruction

    What do you think? If the keeper does get her hand on it, will the
    ball have completely crossed the goal line or not?

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