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I’m At The College BUT Where’s The Field?
Jan 20, 2011 - 11:00:00 PM

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It’s your first appointment to officiate at the University of XYZ. You go to the university website, put the address into Google maps, calculate drive time, printout the directions and head off with time to spare. Maybe you put the address into your GPS and dutifully follow the turn by turn directions as you drive to your destination.

Just as predicted, you arrive at the gates to the University of XYZ right on time.

You ask a few students where the field is and have trouble finding any whom seem to even know what field hockey is let alone where the games are held.

Finally, you find a security guard who gives you great directions to the field but it’s located on the North Campus, which – if you got all the turns down correctly -- is a 30 to 40 minute drive. You look at your watch and see that the game is scheduled to start is in less than an hour just as the security guard innocently says, “Good luck finding parking when you get there.”

This doesn’t only happen the first time you’ve officiated a game at the University of XYZ, it can happen when an institution builds a new competition site in a different location on the campus.

Although not quite the same issue on relatively small college campuses, not being able to easily find the competition site can still create unnecessary stress.

It’s the 21st Century; shouldn’t there be an easy way to find a competition site on a college campus?

Enter rVenues and its iPhone app with the most complete and comprehensive directory of NCAA Division 1 sport venues in a series of easy-to-use sport specific mobile apps – including one for field hockey (priced at less than $5.00USD at press time).


rVenues was founded by devoted parents of a Division 1 athlete and a die-hard college sports fan who have experienced the anxiety of losing their way to an away game on an unfamiliar campus looking for the playing field or building.

The rVenues app offers venue locations of every NFL and MLB stadium as well as every NCAA Division 1 venue, by sport, at every school in the country.

The list of sports for which the app is available by clicking here.

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